Victoria is an LA-based visual artist. Art is her passion, her identity, her freedom, and now, her activism. Her recent work includes art for many social justice organizations and the movie art for the Spike Lee Film: Da 5 Bloods.

Cassinova has a deep understanding of art’s ability to shape culture, as well as the role it can play in creating lasting social change. For this reason, much of Cassinova’s work is rooted in social justice. She told truth “I want to inspire people and use art as a tool to contribute to something bigger than myself”.

Now, she’s collaborating with truth on an art series highlighting the harmful marketing tactics used by Big Tobacco to exploit Black communities for profit. The series, titled ANTI, features powerful depictions of Black resilience in the face of adversity and oppression.   

Available only for a limited time – 100% of the proceeds fuel our fight against the forces of addiction.

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