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This year, we’ll wrap up our final summer at Vans Warped Tour. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

After 19 sweaty summers and some of the best dance parties we’ve ever seen, we’ve only got three stops left. To celebrate all these years at Warped, we’re giving out a piece of vintage truth merch with every purchase over $20 from the shop.

Party like it's your birthday

We love you. Yeah, we said it. To show our love, we're going to send you a little something sweet on your b-day.

truth X VWT

Every summer for 19 years we've been rocking out at Van's Warped Tour. This summer we will help VWT close out their epic run with legendary shows in Cleveland, OH, Atlantic City, NJ, and Mountain View, CA. Here's a little highlight from our time on the road.